Apple iPhone 13 mini 2021

  • MagSafe
  • Fantastic 5.4-inch screen
  • Super-powerful A15 Bionic chip
  • Sublime cameras
  • 5G support
  • Up to 17 hours of video playback

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Apple iPhone 13 mini 2021

There is also a handy smaller version of iPhone 13! The little brother, called iPhone 13 mini, is here - and stronger than ever.

iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini in brief

iPhone 13 is here and stronger than ever. First of all, of course, the new colors stand out. Black and white have been replaced by midnight and starlight, and good news for anyone who has been waiting for a pink iPhone for years. The design is very similar to that of its predecessor and the screen is the same size, but the selfie camera notch is smaller and the cameras on the back are placed diagonally.

Speaking of the cameras: they have received some nice new features. When you're filming, the focus automatically shifts - very handy - to the main subject and the filters no longer adjust your entire photo, but only the parts that need a little touch-up. The camera also recognizes four people and adjusts the contract and exposure to those people.

And then we haven't even really talked about the inside. For example, iPhone 13 has a larger battery and a larger battery means longer battery life. iPhone 13 lasts 2.5 hours longer than iPhone 12, and iPhone 13 mini lasts 1.5 hours longer than iPhone 12 mini. In addition, both models have the super-powerful A15 Bionic chip and you now get at least 128GB of storage, instead of 64GB. Double the storage for your money!

iPhone 13 mini is the little powerhouse for everyday use

iPhone 13 mini has a size of 5.4 inches, making it the same size as iPhone 12 mini. Don't let this put you off, iPhone 13 mini may be small, but it's all-new and more powerful than ever before. iPhone 13 mini is compact, wafer-thin, lightweight yet extremely strong - everything you expect from a new iPhone.

iPhone 13 mini has the same power as iPhone 13

iPhone is better than ever. The iPhone 13 models all enjoy the same A15 Bionic chip. This makes the iPhone 13 mini extremely fast and you can start all your favorite apps as quickly as possible. iPhone 13 mini is up to 40% faster than the previous generation iPhone.

The fantastic cameras of iPhone 13 mini

iPhone 13 mini takes beautiful photos, both with the dual camera on the back and the selfie camera. iPhone 13 mini enjoys a dual camera with 12 megapixels, smart HDR and Center Stage. Center Stage is a new feature on all new iPad and iPhone models. It ensures that your main subject always remains in view, whether it moves or not.

The display of iPhone 13 mini

iPhone 13 mini has a Super Retina XDR display with a contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1, making colors brighter and blacks really black. The screen of iPhone 13 mini has a resolution of 476 ppi (pixels per inch). iPhone 13 mini is therefore extremely sharp.

Not only powerful, but also super strong

iPhone 13 mini uses Apple's Ceramic Shield technology. This makes the screen more than scratch resistant and if it falls, the iPhone 13 mini is up to 4 times less likely to be damaged.

Especially for iPhone 13 mini: MagSafe

All iPhones in the 13 series use MagSafe. This is a magnet on the back of your iPhone 13 mini that allows you to charge wirelessly. You can also attach accessories such as a card holder to this magnet, often even if you already have a cover on it. MagSafe was previously used with MacBooks and is now available for all versions of iPhone 13 mini.

5G, iPhone 13 mini is ready for you!

After the launch of the 5G network, support for this is actually indispensable for all new phones. Also with iPhone 13 mini and we are not disappointed! iPhone 13 mini has support for 5G.


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Weight 140 grams

display size 5.4 in (13.7 cm)

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